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STAFF of freefilsm Japan

Introducing the team at freefilms Japan
Russell Goodall


​​Coordinator / Interpreter / translator / narrator / Bilingual MC extraordinaire 


Being brought up in Japan as a missionary's son has accounted for an interesting life. Going through schooling in a totally Japanese environment (I did not attend international schools) not only gave me a natural grasp of the Japanese language but also gave me an inside understanding of Japanese culture. Whether interpreting for a business person, rock star, top athlete, church minister, or a prime minister, the interpreting experience keeps emphasizing to me the importance of getting the message across truthfully.


Click here for a voice sample of Russell:

Masa Jisai

Director. Founder & President of free Inc.


For over 20 years, Masa has directed and produced television programs, corporate videos in Tokyo. 

Masa established free Inc. in 2005 as a base to produce various visual works and TV programs.

Masa loves to go out on the ocean surfing, or skiing /snowboarding both for play and work. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.


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