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​​About freefilms

filming coordination 

freefilms Japan produces various video content including TV shows, TV commercials, corporate videos, and Web videos. 


Using our experience and skills, we also offer comprehensive location services for overseas crews filming in Japan which includes arrangements for shooting, interpreting, and coordination. 


We help with sourcing crews (camera operators, sound, hair and makeup stylist) and special filming equipment (cameras, lighting and cranes). We can be your one-stop solution for filming support: proposals for shooting locations that suits that image you are looking for or studios, negotiations for filming, obtaining permits, etc.


If you like, we can also assist you with pre-shoot proposals and ideas, research, post-production, English translation (for subtitles/ voiceovers) and any other post-shoot requirements. 


We will try our best to meet your needs and wants, so dont hesitate to contact us.


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